Video of Book of Love, by the Magnetic Fields – Performed by Nataly Dawn

85 thoughts on “Video of Book of Love, by the Magnetic Fields – Performed by Nataly Dawn

  1. “But I… I love it when you read to me, And you… You can read me
    anything. The book of love is full of music; In fact that’s where music
    comes from. Some of it’s just transcendental, most of it is just really
    dumb” ~Stephin Merritt & the Magnetic Fields

  2. For those of you ragging on Nataly Dawn, because you thinK she can’t sing,
    you probably can’t sing and are just jealous. She sounds very…classical.
    And some people always say at the beginning of the original and in this
    cover song that they can’t sing only, because it sounds like talking in the

  3. hey nataly, i would like to pay you for the hundreds of times i’ve listened
    to this song. it seems cruel that you don’t reap any benefits from putting
    out such an incredible cover, and i can’t listen to it while driving, or
    walking, or mix-taping, or non-internetting. is it hiding from being
    downloaded, being shy? thoughts/ideas?

  4. Thanks Young Lady :’:': ::: :’: :

    The love is the curse we can’t get rid of.

    “The book of love is ‘ longANDboring”, yes,

    “and no one can lift, the damn thing”, sure,

    but that doesn’t mean no one’s responsible forthadamnthing.[!]

    There’s no one to take responsibility but everyone.

    everything is attributable to everyone.

    Thank Gods thee laws is part of that.

    Twas like a prayer+answered to hear this



    You aught to at least whatevv ~We$e$e$~ in response


    P.S. Story-on

  5. A suggestion – do you/could you have a version of this without your backing
    vocals in the “chorus”? Just your naked voice, on a single track? I’d like
    to hear that. I think it would increase the intimacy of the performance.
    It’s already lovely, I might add.

  6. Unfamiliar with this song, I checked the original version. Yours is better.
    And your voice could stop a human heart dead – please be careful how you
    use it. A warning on the thumbnail, maybe.

  7. Firstly, it’s a cover, and secondly, the lyrics are intentionally written
    to be cynical. It’s originally by the Magnetic Fields, who explore the
    concept of love in many unprecedented ways.

  8. First cover I’ve heard that approaches the original. I still prefer
    Stephin’s “world weary cynic” voice to go with the song, but Nataly is
    clearly very talented and has captured the essence of the song brilliantly.

  9. Nataly, this version is just BEAUTIFUL. I’d love to use this at my wedding. Does your site or channel have a place to download this?

  10. Ok good. Are you telling me the author of this song is intentionally being critical of lame-ass, white bread, half baked, “Reality Bites”, weak minded consciousness? Is that what you are telling me?

  11. Take this from a former member of Mensa: Mentioning your IQ makes you seem absolutely pathetic. That number means little more than that you’re good at logic quizzes. I do not care how smart you are, you have not understood this song. If you don’t like it musically, that’s fine, but when you criticise Stephen’s choice of words it shows that you don’t get it (yet).

  12. I think he might be – although I can’t say for sure, because Stephin is a musical genius and sometimes I think I’m not clever enough to fully understand his meaning. Having said that, listening to the lyrics, I think it’s a clever song because it’s very beautiful and sincere, but at the same time, it is totally about the selfish and materialistic version of love. It’s realistic in a sense. Listen to the original version (Peter Gabriel also did a cover, but that is truly awful – IMO anyway.)

  13. Old enough to know a fool when I encounter one, and to enjoy his squirming attempts to pull this comment thread back from utter disaster. Do keep trying.

  14. I love you Natalie but this is one of those songs…

    Well if your not gonna kill, don’t even try.

  15. The Book of Love – Magnetic Fields. Check all the comments for lots of
    weird covers!! Lots of room for customisation in this song!

  16. This version is great, but have you listened to Peter Gabriels version? It’s amazing

  17. Hi Nataly, I love your version of this song.
    The song hits me right in the heart anytime I hear anyone sing it. You sing it beautifully and I’ve made a video response for it :)

  18. do you realise how hard it is to sing an entire song straight into a camera? it’s REALLY difficult.

  19. horrible, my dog started crying then jumped out a plate glass window when this was turned on speakers.

  20. @Jim Melhouse something tells me your dog wanted to kill itself long before you had ever heard of this wonderfully talented musician.

  21. Except that every singel song gets the same treatment. It doesn’t matter at all what words she is singing, she is going to sing them exactly the same way, each and every time.
    (flatly) “I’m going off the rails on a *sigh* crazy train”
    (flatly) “Wake me up .. before you… Go go.”
    (flatly) “I can’t stand it. I know you planned it. I’m going to set it straight, this .. (*looks away*).. Watergate.”

    It’s just so .. “one trick”. But whatevah. Enjoy!

  22. I think she is the greatest creation known to man, and her hubbie (they are
    married now, right?) is the greatest complement. You both are so awesome
    and I miss you already! Oh, he’s a great creation too, I didn’t mean to be

  23. Hey Nataly! I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of years, and I’d
    like to know which film editor are you using…?
    Like your music!

  24. how are you. I proposed to my now wife because you inspired me
    you should give me rings
    i did
    hope someone deserves you.

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