Lovesong – Nataly Dawn covers The Cure

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  1. So, I need to introduce you to my latest obsession with +Nataly Dawn’ voice
    and talent. Well, the bug I have had been there since the days of
    Pomplamoose (her band with +Jack Conte doing insane videosongs.

    Here she is with a cover of The Cure/Adele Lovesong.

    Enjoy (every little bit of it).

  2. One of the most beautiful singer with great voice in the world. NaTaLy DaWn
    - Tank You For the music.. Moti From IL

  3. That makes a lot of sense and thank you very much for the reply. As long as
    you continue to make this hauntingly beautiful music, I will listen. I
    really feel that you have tapped into a sound, or a way of singing that is
    really wonderful and should be supported to no end. You and Jack are the
    most talented musicians on youtube or that I have heard in a very long time
    for that matter.


    **As grotesquely mainstream as it is, Adele’s cover stands as [one of] the
    best ones we heard of this muchly-covered track from The Cure. However,
    Nataly Dawn does serve a pretty little version of it. Nataly should release
    this on some EP, we’d buy it!**

    #music #newmusicalert #natalydawn #coversong #lovesong #thecure
    #themediamartian #tmm


    **As grotesquely mainstream as it is, Adele’s cover stands as [one of] the
    best ones we heard of this muchly-covered track from The Cure. However,
    Nataly Dawn does serve a pretty little version of it. Nataly should release
    this on some EP, we’d buy it!**

    #music #newmusicalert #natalydawn #coversong #lovesong #thecure
    #themediamartian #tmm

  6. Haha. Yeah, it’s a lot of work. I do “direct” and shoot and edit them
    myself. Thanks for appreciating my hard work!

  7. Dawn, awesome job. Love your voice – it reminds me a bit of Billy Holiday –
    just terrific work.

  8. Wow, thanks for that. There’s probably no one out there who I would rather sound like than Billy Holiday.

  9. I now know what song i’m going to practice ;D

    Thank you Nataly, please, for our sake, never stop playing or singing! You are amazing! <3

  10. what more can I say that hasn’t already been said in the comments? beautiful cover, simple as that.

  11. Enchanted and bewitched by your voice, your face and your style! f I could change one thing about you it would be NOTHING!

  12. And I will always love you. Breathtaking vocals as usual, and though you looked amazing with long hair, you rock that short cut!

  13. IF she could sing! ;o) — Although she did a great job dancing on the Academy Awards ~ (so … time for dance class too, Nataly!? : )

    P.S. — even on a morning off to a rough start, seeing the video of you is cheerful ~ thanks as always!

  14. this is the love song i’ve been waiting for you to sing! simply beautiful. captures the essence of the original, but it’s got your awesome voice! P.S. the mannequin is great!

  15. Beautiful singer in all the acceptations of the word. Im from argentina, so im sorry for my english. Hope you came to southamerica. You sing like no other, realy appreciate that you sing an standar like “summertime” or any other like that… i follow you since ever. And i realize the way you do your job, i mean that you answer the comments of youtube, and when you transmit from your studio live. And the way you record, like you where here in my house singing… CAME TO BUENOS AIRES PREASE!!!

  16. You beautifully captured the echoey melancholy I associate with the original. Well done! Love it very much.

  17. Been a fan since the Hyundai spots. Actually since the Toyota spots but I didn’t know it was you. Do I get points for being a retro-fan. I honestly can’t give that MASSIVE of a compliment because no one compares. You stand on your own.

  18. Fantastic job Nataly. It is beautifully haunting. You have your own unique style that I think is wonderful, including a lower range that rivals Fiona Apple.

  19. Can’t believe some people ACTUALLY give this a thumbs down? Must be something wrong with them, or just seriously jealous!? This is brilliant! Well done Nataly!

  20. I had the television on, but not watching it, and at the end of the movie, this song was playing. So I had to search her for it. I love this song, and totally love what you did with this. Great timing, and simple instruments, no overdone effects. Fantastic. I agree with Richard Berry’s comparison.

  21. Brilliant!!!!
    You guys should come and do some gigs here in Australia…..and when I say Australia, never mind the minute pesky East coast……..Come to Western Australia mate!!!!!

  22. Nataly you are very unique in your own ways. Your music, your voice is very pure. I admire your cinematography skills and your way of presenting music. I am a complete youtube “buff” and my ears are hungry for good music and listening to your music always gives me a ” Musical Burrp” to my ears. Jokes apart! I can’t imagine myself to see you being compared to anybody else. You are very unique and being your music listener is a special experience. I wish you Smile! :) Ciao!

  23. I’ve been a fan of The Cure for about 22 years. This is the definitive cover of Lovesong. And now I’m a fan of you…

  24. All this thumbing up and sweet-talking here… I personally just have to state: It blew my mind. And it’s your fault, Nataly. I’m craz-yyyh now.

  25. beautiful
    If you guys don’t mind
    Take a listen to my band
    We just got out of the studio in Toronto
    We made a track called “Ontario Flow” by Motivated By Foolishness
    Check it out !!

  26. You are SOOOO FREAKIN’ talented Nathalie! Even being a musician myself, I really envy the creativity and energy you and Jack both put in your creations! I’m actually jealous sometimes :)) Keep doing your stuff, we’ll always be around the corner waiting for more… Cheers!

  27. I love your music, but as an old-school-person I prefer CDs to digital downloads. Where can I order your (and Pomplamoose´s) stuff? I am in Germany…

  28. Incredibly specific and perfect voice! Your singing is full of emotions! Well done! Greetings from Serbia.
    P.S.I will continue to follow you and Jack, ofcourse. ;)

  29. Bold to take on such an iconic song, but I LOVE your interpretation. Never thought I’d say it, but that was better than the Cure.

  30. Your voice is so unique and awesome Nataly. I hope one day the whole world can experience your talent. You are truly gifted Nataly. I love your works.

  31. I love your style so much. Been listening to you for years now and can’t wait to one day hear you on the radio. It needs to happen, like, yesterday.

  32. Nataly, listening to you sing songs like this is being lulled into a trance-like state and dreaming of things not yet realized. Don’t ask me what that means, other than you’ve a voice that is a delight to treat my ears to. Gorgeous on all counts.

  33. NAtaly, you have no idea how college works you helped me develop. You probably have 50% of the credit.

  34. Ethereal. Magical. Thank you for this. Where did you find that wooden “Jack” figure? Must be a good story.

  35. Such a voice! Having heard her speaking voice first, I was wondering if her singing voice would sound similar to Skylar Grey’s. Similar angelic timbre, but very unique delivery!

  36. I loved you in the beginning and over played you, to get sick of it point. You know. One should never … Sorry. but I’m back with this one.
    Just beautiful Dawn. Thank you. Don’t stop.

    One I loved also was and always will is “Baise m’encor”. Simplicity and honesty. Gets me.

  37. Huge thanks! I can’t perceive the original after this! I just don’t believe
    them, it’s a comedy, not the melancholy… How could you came to the idea
    of this cover? You should be very enlightened to be such a simple and true :-)

  38. Hello Nataly and Ryan,

    I’am one of the biger fans in Montréal, Québec Canada

    I love everything you do !

  39. Haters gunna hate cuz its easy to do. Keep doing your thing Ms. Dawn; you
    have more tallent than me on my best day :D

  40. Real beauty comes from purity & simplicity … groove, sound, melody …
    and a voice that is connected directly with bottom of a loving soul.
    Chapeau, excellent!

  41. everything about this is refined & integral

    sadly, all too few would hear human spirit in music – a fraction of those
    will learn to harness, understand & respect that rare gift.. as it sings
    from within & out of themselves

    against the sapping & seemingly unquenchable populist desire for a vacuous,
    inexplicable celebrity, creatures such as Nataly Dawn & Agnes Obel come as
    a breathing light in an obdurate darkness

    thank you

  42. Nataly Dawn! You are amazingly wonderful! Also, you should cover Feeling
    Good by Nina Simone! I feel like your voice would sound so great on it. :)

  43. I grew up listening to The Cure and when I heard Adele’s version I had to
    download it. Your version is just as amazing as Adele’s. There’s another
    song from The Cure that is just as beautiful; it’s called Halo.

  44. wow … can’t move. your voice … your instrument … your faint harmony
    … your gaze … the wooden statue. It’s like getting knocked-over by a
    very felt gentle breeze. deeply beautiful.

  45. Omg…I never thought I would hear a better cover than 311.. This is
    amazing! I loving it!

  46. this sounds so depressing. like as if someone it just placating someone and
    telling them what they want hear. so depressing…

  47. It is almost as much fun, watching you and Jack avoid the obvious. As it is
    to listen to your unique and wondrous sounds. Keep up all of the great

  48. are you trying to sing or are you taking a dump?

    please, please, do not do this ever again… write your own songs, do not
    ruin good music

  49. One of my favourite singers covering one of my favourite bands.
    I love it.
    There are often cover versions which are even better than the originals.
    This is one of them, and the original song is very, very good.
    #natalydawn #lovesong #cure #thecure #love #song

  50. Well you managed to suck all the emotion out of that song and turn it into
    an annoyingly stuttering mess.

  51. Just found my fiance and I first dance song for our wedding. Thank you and
    keep up the great work. Love your voice. So soothing.

  52. Better than the original? C’mon really?
    OK say you prefer it but don’t say it’s better that’s just insulting.

  53. You’ve brought a depressing creepy morbid feel to the song. It’s cool
    really. Almost like the love had been lost? No longer present in your
    heart. It’s a different feel to the whole spirit of the song. I like it.

  54. I FINALLY FOUND YOU!!! I literally searched for this version of the song
    like for three months. I can’t believe this. Your voice is so fucking
    perfect. <3

  55. I think this is one of their/her absolute best. I don’t know if it’s that
    the song compliments her voice so, or the (less is more) thing.. it sounded
    as though she could just have done it a cappella.

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