Nataly Dawn singing Ain’t No Sunshine, by Bill Withers

69 thoughts on “Nataly Dawn singing Ain’t No Sunshine, by Bill Withers

  1. @ItsHayat – I think she’s great – but I wouldn’t go as far as perfect. IMO,
    the pomplamoose music I’ve heard is either fun songs (the commercial that
    hooked me) or very cool and detached. This seems to be the later, and it
    sounds like one of the millions of people with SUBSTANTIALLY less talent
    that put something like this on youtube. I’m not knocking her, but it’s
    nowhere near the artistry of the original. Just my opinion.

  2. If I ever meet you in real life I’m gonna kiss you until you can’t feel
    your face anymore

  3. So I like listening to different covers of songs done by different people,
    but some how I always end up back at you…with the mouse poised over the
    repeat button.. :)

  4. @jazzysnaps Type in Pomplamoose :) She is part of a duet and they write
    their own songs ^^ xx

  5. I love the way she sings! Here voice is incredible, the only thing I don’t
    like is the way she looks in the camera.. kinda creepy..

  6. @progothinko I didn’t notice her ever claiming to be good at either singing
    or the guitar, but it’s evident to most that she is. I didn’t notice any
    real voice editing, it’s possible there may have been some, but why do you
    care anyway? If you hate Nataly and Pomplamoose so much, why have you been
    watching and commenting on so many of their videos? Envy isn’t really a
    trait that suits anyone. You’re no exception.

  7. Yourfaceisabird! Take that feeling and turn it into inspiration. Sharing
    art, especially singing, is very intimate and exposing. It’s tough, but
    don’t fear! Have courage. Aim for the best you can do, but know the
    imperfections are you/your style.

  8. I know, I know, I know. I heard it as Ano ano ano.. which is a Tagalog term for the word “what.” well, this one’s a nice version of the song. :))

  9. I was struggling with your context, till I realised I was reading “sharing art” as “shaving art” :/

  10. You know what, I CAN NOT STAND WOMEN OR MEN PUTTING “HE’S GONE” instead of how it should be as in “she’s gone”. My daughter died at 10 from cancer. This was her favorite song and was played at her funeral. IT IS SHE! S H E! Learn it right or do not sing it.

  11. It’s a girl singing it, she improvised a little. Aside from that, I’m very sorry for the unfortunate events that you’ve had to deal with. I’m sure you made her life beautiful with the time she had.

  12. is that a radiator up on the wall behind the door ? it’s too high up.
    sorry, just feeling a pick picky this morning .. apart from that loved

  13. this has big potential. I like your voice on this song, and its a great
    song too. Maybe you and Jack do to this what you did the the James Brown
    cover. I see more here. You nail those 70′s R&B songs Nataly. Nicely done.

  14. I love her voice and her unpretentious acting.
    And she is perfect in hitting those blue notes.

    #natalydawn #bluenotes #aintnosunshine

  15. Nice, but a but too impromptu. You could do a bit better if you took more
    time with this. Still, it’s pretty darn good.

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